What happened at Lekki is a preview to Buhari's response to the protests. Those soldiers shot based on orders from the real powers that be.

If the protest ever gets reignited, please ask yourself whether you're ready for the risks. Because it will be a matter of life or death
The protest of the last two weeks have been child's play. For my Abuja people, those tear-gass, water cannon and rubber bullets are all child's play.

Moving forward, your courage will be properly tasted. Are you ready to fight (to the death) for a better country or nah?
Buhari knows exactly what he was doing when he commiserated with security forces (police, army etc) during his speech.

He has singled them out as allies. He stands with them, consoles with them, supports all their past actions and will continue to support tougher actions
The ONLY word Buhari has for us was threats: our misbehaviour (protests) will no longer be tolerated as we pose a security THREAT to the nation.

Lekki was just an experiment. His silence over it was not coincidental. Read between the lines and make up your mind
Are you ready for what it takes? Is your coconut head strong enough? Or you ready to run from real bullets and succumb to death if it comes to that?

Decision decision decision. Take your time to think about it and let's meet in the secret place of the most high. Mercie Mercie
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