Trump aides have been telling people that the big surprise in store for tonight's debate is he's bringing Tony Bobulinski, the former Hunter Biden business associate, as a guest tonight.

They're hoping to spring this on Biden, the way he brought Bill Clinton accusers in 2016
Bobulinski was the subject of a Breitbart article yesterday portrayed as a "bombshell" in which he says that he read Ron Johnson's report on the Bidens and got mad that he "connected the dots" to think they were making money behind his back.
The Breitbart article about Bobulinski also mentions that he was the subject of the Wall Street Journal article which Trump mentioned at the beginning of the week and said would be a huge problem for the Biden campaign -- but which so far, hasn't run.
The Wall Street Journal is, like the New York Post and Fox News, another Murdoch property, but it's editorial standards are much higher than the Post's -- and we know already that among those questioning the Post reporting has been questioned by the 1st main reporter on the story
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