When the IG report comes out and we know the full details about who is responsible for the inhumanity and evil of caging children and separating them ( permanently) from their parents we are going to plaster their names, images and stories on those electronic billboards. 1/ https://twitter.com/projectlincoln/status/1319294071513346053
We will run media campaigns in their hometowns where their families will be shamed by their ignominy. We will include any new employers and target their clients. I’ve spent most of the last decade counseling CEO clients in crisis situations for some of the biggest companies 2/
In the world. They have low pain tolerance. @PRWeekUS . The PR firms, ad agencies, Trade associations, Tech companies, Media companies and TV networks are going to have to think long and hard about the reputational damage they are willing to sustain by hiring the liars, crooks, 3
racial arsonists, quacks and implementers of immoral policies into their ranks. @ProjectLincoln. The season of shame, reckoning and accountability will soon begin for Trump and his rancid collaborators. Excising the worst of them from public life will be joyful work.
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