You a new #indiedev? You will most likely fail no matter what indie game you make. That's just the reality of the data. Even if you are making a game in a genre Steam users crave you will still most likely fail. [1/?]
You might be slightly more likely to be profitable in another genre, but the overwhelming likelihood is that you will still fail financially. Knowing that make your choice: Do you want to fail while doing the thing that everyone recommends? [2/?]
Do you want to plot your course based on what the market dictates?
Cool. When you fail people will pity you and say "well you tried! Here's to the next one!" and you'll out knowing that you did the correct and logical thing and failed in the correct and logical way.
Or do you want to make a puzzle game/platformer and go down as a cautionary tale. Yet another ill-advised game in an even more oversaturated market that was doomed from the start?
I'm not going to tell you how to live your life. But I made a choice 2 years ago:

If I'm going to go down anyways then I'm going down in a blaze of glory doing what I love.

and I have NO REGRETS <3

^ The above was a reaction to this very well thought-out & informative thread on game genres that's been in my feed today. I figured ya'll were seeing it as well:
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