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Oh shit. @R3volutionDaddy is streaming Brent Taylor's testimony. What is he in court for now?
Brent Taylor wants to be addressed as a "grenadier".


Every time his lawyer objects the judge IMMEDIATELY overrules and then Brent acts like he doesn't understand questions.

Keeps saying that protesters kicking gas canisters are committing assault.

Says that using 40-60 rounds in a night is not normal, says his supervisors have NEVER brought up use of force complaints to him.

I need to know who this lawyer is cuz he is COOKING Brent right now.
Brent decribes shooting people with "PAPA rounds" which irritate the sinuses and cause a ball of smoke.

Lawyer asks if these are what people call pepper balls.

Brent says no, pepperballs are different, and they don't carry them.

So... yes?
Lawyers gets Brent to admit that shooting protesters who throw things at cops isn't helpful. Then shows a video of Brent shooting a person with a gas canister.

Brent doesn't seem to see the problem.
Would like to note that Brent's speaking voice sounds EXACTLY like I thought it would.

Nasal and weak.
Brent defending shooting into crowds at protest signs because "it's more about what's behind those signs (assumably "antifa").
The stream is back.

Zach Domka apparently trains people to use grenade launchers. He's testified about RRT violence before.

"Rubber Ball Distraction Device" is a new term to me.

Says that if police are approaching protesters and the protesters don't retreat, they take that as a threat and use of force is approved. I'm so confused.
Dude is now explaining why it makes sense to beat people with batons. (SHOCKER: it doesn't.)

"changing their behavior" seems to be a valid reason to beat and shoot people per the instructor.
Donka just used the term "pepperball" to describe "PAVA rounds" and if you've been following you understand how funny that is.
What makes this very frustrating to listen to is that they are literally using court to analyze the PPB's internal processes.

Why do we have to go to court to do public policy review?
"would the court like to hear more about rubberball distraction devices?"

"only if it's relevant"

"OK... I'll move on."

"Baton retention tactics"
"delivering strikes"
"the weapon/tool.. whatever you want to call it"

Lawyer just asked how officers are trained to respond to having his "long baton grabbed".
Lawyer shows video where the officer does not respond according to training. The officer says he can't see well enough to explain.

Going into why officers are spraying people in the face with pepper spray.
Officer says he has no problem with banners, but it's the "reinforced banners" that cause a problem, says the plywood can be used as a weapon.

Lawyer asks if that means all mounted protest signs are seen as weapons, ofcr says they confiscate sign supports & return the signage.
LOL that's never happened.
Says property receipts are given for "confiscated" sign posts.

Now they are asking the trainer to explain Brent Taylor's behavior in a video they are watching.

Seems that he shot people with an FN303 after someone threw a bottle.

He's defending the attack that Brent previously said wasn't helpful.
Lawyer narrowing down to are the officers supposed to shoot people before they throw things, or after.

The officer just said as long as the person isn't retreating, they are considered hostile regardless.

Apparently the FN303's have a holographic reticle.

We need to defund PPB. This is WILD.
"Defense technology triple chaser" = can shaped smoke bombs, not a drink.

Interesting. Who names this stuff?
Slowed down audio of the video results in a slowed down LRAD: "Moooooove Eaaaast!" plays repeatedly and it's funny.

Trainer is defending police beating people with batons to prevent people from throwing 800 degree canisters back at the police... who shot them at people.
They're talking about "tactical smoke munitions" again.

Court recorder asks him to slow down. "I'm sorry," the officer says.
They're talking about dumpster fires and police shooting people holding firestarting devices.

Officer seems to not trust the video. Defends shooting in the general area of the dumpster for "area denial" to "achieve tactical objectives" of getting people to leave the dumpster.
Officer is now being asked about a man hit in the balls by a munition. He says he is not clear what the man was hit with (a pepperball).

He's been trying to speak in physics terms and should stop because it's embarrassing.
Domka is describing how people are trained to shoot people anywhere from the torso down.

Lawyer read the policy that states that "members should take reasonable efforts" to not hit people in "the groin".

Domka says they aim for the waistline; blames groin shot on victim moving.
New lawyer.

Asks how often less lethal training occurs. Domka says "twice a year."

When was last training? "Spring..."

Did that happen with COVID? "Ummm... actually it was last Fall."

So no training in 2020. "Correct"
"under the totality of the standard, if the officer can articulate" that they're scared, they can beat and shoot people. Per Domka.
Lawyer Lady is forcing Domka to admit that police are trained to shoot/beat people based on crimes they have not committed.

Domka is walking RIGHT into it. Says a reporter wouldn't be shot for looking at munitions. Lawyer brings up case where that happened.
Of course, the case involves none other than Brent Taylor.

Domka says journalist victim was "addressed by the officer" while picking up a gas can.

Lawyers clarifies, "By 'addressed', you mean 'shot'?

"Hit with a munition, yes."

LOL WTF are we doing here?
15 minute break.

Get your bathroom break in.

Lawyer continuing to ask Domka why it makes sense to shoot people who have already thrown something and are now unarmed. Officer states they are still a threat.

Another lawyer just called Domka "Taylor" by accident, confirms Spring training was canceled due to COVID.
Lawyer is asking about why they shoot people multiple times.

Domka says cops have a great perception and can tell observe human responses between the round landing and the next shot being fired. Says if the person is still aggressive after being shot they keep shooting.
I've never heard the term "gap reaction" I've never heard before. This supposedly is the skill that allows police to observe a suspect's reaction between semi-automatic fire.
Lawyer seemed thrilled with this answer and dismissed Domka.

Franz Schoening (former RRT commander, currently on K9/drug detail) takes the stand and explains who he is.

Court reporter tells him to take a breath and slow down.
Having a hard time following this accountability process review... not because I can't hear it but because the Franz is not really answering the questions being asked.

Asked if he would stop the use of munitions if he were aware of misuse; pauses and says he'd order training.
Lawyers giving closing arguments are showing a saved IG live video from the PPA in June and describing what they see, which basically amounts to police calling UA 5 minutes after arrival and then beating TF out of unarmed/non-violent people.
Closing argument names Taylor by name and says that he is responsible for a large number of the violations.

Also pointed out collaboration with OSP, clarifying the chain of command and widening the claim of fault.

Leans on "reasonable force in limited circumstances" clause.
A take down on what's considered an ACTIVE THREAT ensues, basically calling the police cowards.

Judge is saying maybe he can't use some videos (not sure which) as evidence "for consideration".

Plaintiffs are pushing back. Legalise ensues.
Judge is saying that he can't be asked to review or consider any part of video evidence that wasn't explicitly talked about during the case.

Says that's not his job and it's not fair to defense... Lawyers are now detailing individual offenses shown in the evidence.
Anyone know who the judge is? @Muzzakh ?
Judge Hernandez it is.

Lawyer describes a woman on rollerskates in a tan helmet getting violated by police.

Also discusses how cops beat people with no plan to arrest them.

Refutes the police's earlier assertion that "the speed of sound" affects video quality. #copphysics
We're back to how kicking smoke canisters is not assault since police say shooting smoke canisters at people is not assault.

The lawyer seems upset he has to explain this to a judge like a child.
The case is boiling down to whether the cops are "guessing" when they use force (they are), and further if the force used is appropriate (it's not).

Lawyers says officers shooting the wrong people or shooting people in the nuts "by accident" is still their responsibility.
Defense lawyer struggles to close.. Says Brent Taylor does the same thing every night and has never been given feedback by superiors.

He's trying to blame the bosses... Judge cuts him off. Doesn't want to talk solutions. (?)
The judge is asking plaintiff if a water bottle can cause injury. Plaintiff explains it's unlikely.

Judge wants to know if it's "capable" to cause an injury. Concludes it is and that police have a right to use force.

You can't be serious.
Police lawyer now defending hurting rollerskate girl by accusing her of trying to "unarrest". LOL

it's de-arrest, first of all.

Judge is pushing back on "gap reaction". Lawyer is stumbling...
Judge Hernandez is calling BS on Ofc Domka's testimony about cops having Max Payne slo-mo vision and reaction time.

The lawyer gently agrees it's not realistic. LMAO

Goes back to water bottle defense and claims video lag.
Police lawyer contends that people bending over is a threatening action because they could be grabbing something to throw.

Says man shot for kicking gas canister was not not defensive, but aggressive.
Cop Lawyer defending the shooting of a woman who "almost" kicked a gas canister.


Goes on to defend shooting a protester who seemed to be looking to start a fire.

Time Cops out here.
Judge is asking about OSP. Says PPD was responsible regardless.

Offers a rebuttal to plaintiff. This thing is endless.
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