Look! @TheRickWilson! , Fascist and fake PHD @SebGorka has unblocked us at long last. The answer to your question is NO. We do not work for the Iranians. For us they are like Fish Oil pills, a detestable product. We speak of the regime, not the people of course. Now 1/ https://twitter.com/sebgorka/status/1319305106203004929
I have some questions for you, my good (fake) Dr. Gorka. Are you ready? 1. Did you tuck in your shirt laying down or standing up today? 2. Have you ever let @RudyGiuliani touch the Hungarian Fascist medal you wore to Trump’s inauguration? 3. Does Bannon know they only let (2)
Inmates where 1 shirt in prison? Never two, only one. Bonus question. If you had to quarantine for five years on Epstein’s private island who would you pick between @JudgeJeanine @IngrahamAngle and @BorisEP to be with you and what outfit would you bring? Asking for a friend.
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