C. Darwin: an "admirable speech"

In 1863, William Armstrong advocates:

- end of coal
- efficiency
- electrification
- renewables (he developed first hydro power)
- open data
- technological learning ("tendency of progress is to quicken progress") https://vimeo.com/75975295 
You can read more about him here:



And in @henrietta999's biography "Magician of the North".

Don't know if there is a transcript of the speech floating around anywhere (if not, we should transcribe one!). https://twitter.com/northumbriana/status/981194020750811137
His speech inspired the first suggestion I know of for green hydrogen (renewables + electrolysis of water to make hydrogen): https://twitter.com/nworbmot/status/1317449765500669954
As well as providing impetus for Jevons' marvellous "The Coal Question":

There's a fun profile of him and his mansion at Cragside (where he built the first hydroelectric plant to power the lights) in this architectural documentary:
Found it! Here's a scan of the speech from the 33rd Report of the British Association for the Advancement of Science:

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