With the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett one step closer today, many are wondering what any of us can do, with Roe v. Wade under threat as never before. I have a few thoughts, which I’ll share in this thread. /1
For many years now, we have seen how conservatives and anti-abortion radicals have trained their sights not only on overturning Roe, but on severely limiting local access to reproductive services, in some cases effectively eliminating it as an option altogether. /2
The right has long understood that politics is local, and that if they want to achieve the kinds of restrictions they envision, they would need to take over state houses, governorships and courthouses around the country. In this they were very effective. / 3
With the federal right to choose under threat, we must turn our attention to the state and local level, battling to protect a woman’s right to choose one statehouse and judge race at a time. We need to protect reproductive rights as fiercely as they have fought to strip them. /4
Key to this is keeping reproductive rights front and center not just in federal races, but crucially, in our local races--whether for local judge or state rep or town board. That's where @VoteChoice's #VOTEPROCHOICE Voter Guide is such an invaluable tool. #VoteLocal /5
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