The last 🇺🇸 presidential debate is tonight. We don't know what @kwelkernbc will ask about #nationalsecurity, but we're going to highlight a couple issues our latest survey suggests Americans are concerned about, but have not been addressed during #Debates2020 .

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On #Diplomacy:

▶️ 70% of Americans want the the U.S. to rejoin the @WHO ⚕️ and the #ParisAgreement 🌍

▶️ 66% support rejoining the #JCPOA or the Iran nuclear deal

On #War:

▶️ Twice as many Americans want to decrease the defense budget as increase it
▶️ A plurality wants to reduce the number of US troops stationed overseas
▶️ Only 20% think the US should act unilaterally and militarily to stop #HumanRights abuses overseas

On #Iran:

▶️ A plurality of Americans believe Trump's "maximum pressure" strategy has made the US less, not more, safe
▶️ Though, it's a deeply polarizing issue:

51% of #Republicans believe Trump's 🇮🇷 policy has made the US safer compared to only 11% of #Democrats.

On #Afghanistan:

▶️ After nearly 2 decades, there is #bipartisan support for a negotiated agreement to end the war in Afghanistan
▶️ Support for US troops staying in 🇦🇫 until all enemies have been defeated halved between 2019 and 2020

On #China:

▶️ The public is divided over whether to increase or decrease America's troop presence in East Asia to counter 🇨🇳
▶️ Most Trump supporters favor moving more troops onto US bases
▶️ Most Biden supporters favor reducing America's military presence in the region

What do young Americans think?

▶️ Younger generations are the most likely group to believe America is not an exceptional nation
▶️ They are also the least hawkish when it comes to US-China policy.

Hopefully, a few of these topics will be covered at tonight's debate. #Debates2020

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