Literally teared up when she said:

“Everyone only sees the what happens infront and are not even curious to what happens next. Everyone only sees what they want to see. Until now the Irene that we see is a trustworthy leader, and a loyal companion but
from today on it changed to a bossy idol. But it would be great if someone is even curious about the other side of this child. Although it’s not a long time but after working with her in a lot of schedules she’s different with what the rumors said.
Irene’s other staffs that worked with her not only once but for a long time thinks that this witchhunt like situation is regrettable, but it’s not like what everyone thought, we didn’t go through what that person went through, i want people to know about this truth.
But there is someone who’s hurt. And a mistake is a mistake. It’s something she must handle. Hopefully you can go through this well and grow 🙏🏻
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