(THREAD) The Real Hunter Biden Story (a theory based on discussions Brian Krassenstein had with a person somewhat involved):

Foreign interests hacked Hunter's iCloud account 2 years ago. They then began promoting the fact that they had emails and texts in Ukraine in 2019. (1)
Those in possession of the hacks had a buyer in mind, as stated in the story above, those close to Donald Trump. Bannon and or Giuliani approached the seller and funneled money to them via offshore accounts. (3)
The investigation, has nothing to do with the actual contents of the emails and texts, but rather the money trail which led to the information being sold which appears on the laptop and hard drive. In other words, they are investigating Bannon/Giuliani/Ukranian hackers. (5)
Giuliani then uses the subpoena to push the false theory that the FBI is investigating Hunter Biden, knowing full well that the FBI would not comment on the investigation, especially this close to an election, nor will they want to charge Giuliani or Bannon with further crimes(6)
while Trump can still pardon them.

The information presented by Giuliani and Bannon likely is a mixture of legitimate emails and images along with edited texts. This makes it nearly impossible for Biden to feel comfortable calling the information 'fake,' as he would know (7)
it's not all fake. It also allows Giuliani and the far-right media to create their narrative with both real & falsified documents on the fly. There's a reason why they refuse to turn the information over to the MSM, and that's because it will track back to Ukraine. (End)
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