1) Little indicators everywhere of an R landslide brewing, really everywhere but the House races;

2) In two weeks, John James, the Martian Manhunter has gone from -1 to +2 in MI. Likewise, Trafalgar now has Trump up in MI.

3) Suddenly Tina Smith in MN is in a fight.
4) Now we have a story about D donors in AUSTIN flooding R candidates cuz they are terrified of the homelessness situation turning Austin into South Portland.

5) FL Rs now utterly blowing it out in early voting, crushing any D hopes there. This will now be Trump +2 at least.
6) At this rate, you have to wonder about those FL House races that are close.

7) Trump now at 52% on the unpredictable Ras poll.

8) Ds behind where they need to be in NC; black turnout down, and falling.
9) Suddenly people are starting to realize that the "Yut" vote won't be there on election day, but that the 18-24 year olds have been WAY down in early voting when they needed to be UP by at least 30%.
10) No national outlets will even discuss this, but now between the "Yut" shortfall and the black shortfall you have Demented Perv Biteme at under 60m voters.

And falling.
11) In NV, both the numbers in Washoe AND Clark are looking very good for Rs. Hearing from a Trump lawyer on the ground that they are increasingly thinking, "Hey, we can win this."

12) Rs are barely down in . . . NEW MEXICO.
13) Personally, I'd like to see MI, WI, MN, and NV with such a dominant Trump lead they are called early then PA won't matter at all. Thus it too will be called.
14) It's entirely possible, if McSally hangs on, and Smith loses, that we could EXPAND our senate lead by a seat.

15) And folks, ALL THIS is taking place with even the best pollsters admitting they still aren't quite getting the "shy Trump voter." Could be 2 points, they say.
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