Hey Islanders! Only a couple more days until this #bcelxn2020 is over! Most of you have probably voted, but if it helps you make your decision here’s a thread of good people I hope get your vote!
Down in Saanich North and the Islands, please vote for @AdamPOlsen. A tireless advocate for his constituents and this planet. His knowledge and wisdom of First Nations issues cannot be understated. He can act on any subject knowledgeably and with purpose. Please vote for Adam.
I have deep respect for Doug Routley’s work and record but Green @Stasher_BC in Nanaimo North Cowichan shows it is a good time for change. He is smart, compassionate and community minded and as evidenced by his cycling adventures, a hard worker! Please vote for Chris.
In Nanaimo there is no one better than @s_malcolmson. An MLA with both federal and provincial experience and a deep connection to her riding. Sheila is kind, yet unafraid to stand up for her constituents or the environment. She knows the challenges we face. Vote for Sheila.
During this election @SoniaFurstenau in the Cowichan Valley has proven herself to not just be the equal of any party leader B.C. has ever known but a rising Canadian star. She will grow the Green Party and progressive, compassionate policy in this province. Vote for Sonia.
In Parksville-Qualicum town councillor and deputy Mayor Adam Walker ( https://www.adamwalker.ca ) is a proven leader with deep roots in the riding. Yes, we need more farmers in the Legislature! He has a breadth of real work experience. Please vote for Adam!
And finally in Mid-Island Pacific Rim, you simply must vote for @Josie_Osborne ! Her deep municipal experience, her professional scientific background and work with the BC Government advising on climate issues makes her a natural choice.
Vote for her deep connection and commitment to this region. She knows this riding, she knows the people, and cares deeply for every single person. @Josie_Osborne will be an incredible representative in Victoria.

I hope this thread helps. Please vote!
#bcpoli #BCElxn2020
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