So a couple of "lifelong Republicans" dropped into my TL to say they were happily pulling the lever for Biden this year.

"I've voted GOP every year since the 1980s, but am voting for Biden this year."
Assuming the tweets aren't made up, I do question their GOP voting bonafides. Did you vote GOP in the past because...why exactly did you vote GOP in the past? Was it "my family always votes GOP" so I followed suit?
Was it any/all of the GOP policies? Because, and I say this with all due respect, if it's policies/principles that drive your vote, voting Dem this year is not going to make you happy. Quite the contrary, I might add.
But let's examine this more closely. What exactly do you expect to get out of a Biden presidency.

"Trump won't be president."

You're okay with much higher taxes, infanticide, SCOTUS packing, increased gov't regulations and more cancel culture?
"Trump won't be president."

Biden has decades of creepy behavior and now actual evidence of serious corruption has appeared. The argument that Biden is a better person than Trump is obviously false. So why Biden?

"Trump won't be president."
Oh, I think I see what motivates you: Orange Man Bad.

"That's not it at all-"

Stop. Just stop. You're voting for someone who you acknowledge is at best ONLY as morally reprehensible as you find Trump to be and for policies which you say you oppose.
So it's all about class for you. Trump is an uncouth loudmouth who didn't go to the right schools and doesn't hang out with the cool kids.
If you say you can't vote for Trump because of character, then you obviously can't vote for Biden because of character. If you say it's because of policies, all of which you say you oppose, you're obviously lying. So what's left? Classism.
I knew people like you in high school (okay, in later life as well). They wanted people to notice the designer tags on their clothes, the emblem of the cart they drive, the name of the clubs to which they belong. Or they were the suckups to that group. You're in group A or B.
Enjoy being you because no one else enjoys you being you. We all see you for who and what you really are.
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