Omaha’s recycling processing contract has been in the news. Here’s why it matters: A lot of cities have stopped or reduced recycling after China started turning away many materials in 2018. ( 1/7
Per our current processor @FirstarFiber, everything except the 9% of what they get that that isn’t recyclable has been going to an end market. Recycling is an important investment in our future, and we need a processor can handle what we’re sending their way. 2/7
On Tuesday, 4 members of the City Council rejected the proposed processing contract with Nebraskaland because of concerns NR wouldn’t be able to adequately perform and that increasing truck traffic to and from its site would negatively affect the surrounding neighborhood. 3/7
My opponent voted for the contract even though she expressed doubt that NR could handle the city’s recycling needs. The mayor has said that she will not send another contract to City Council to approve and that Omaha will continue to recycle. 4/7
She can’t have it both ways: After Firstar’s contract expires on 12/31, the city can only spend up to $20,000 before getting council approval. The four Councilmembers voting against the contract essentially called the mayor’s bluff. 5/7
What’s next? (1) Keep the pressure on the mayor to ensure that Omaha keeps recycling by selecting a contract that’s fiscally AND environmentally responsible; and (2) elect leaders who will stand up for the right thing. 6/7
As a Councilmember, I’ll fight to protect our city’s long-term wellbeing, and not just until the next election. 7/7
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