Enhypen As Your Bestfriends — a thread 🧸🧺
NI-KI 🧸🧺
•He just wants to show his love to you 
•He’s so energetic 
•Giving you hugs 
•High fives 
•“Fighting!” every hours
•Usually very quiet towards everyone else 
•He’s always so excited and happy 
•You can both be as loud as you want 
•Even though he’s a quiet best friend 
•He gives the best advice 
•He’s always listening and paying attention
JAY 🧸🧺
• Forcing him to watch horror movies with you & the poor guy almost pees himself
•He always treats you foods
•He’ll get food delivered to your place & not tell you about it 
•You both literally look like a couple
•He’s a very comforting person
•A good listener and a good speaker, knows what to say to cheer you up
•He is very sympathetic and sensitive to your feelings 
•Too kind for his own good
•Another sweet, sweet boy 
•But a LOUD sweet boy 
•Always gives you the best reactions to your stories 
•Not shy or scared to also make you laugh 
•“Yah, that’s the smile I was waiting for!”
•Just the sweetest 
•He’s there for you 
•Always supporting you 
•And cheering you on 
•Just an angel 
•What else is there to say?!
• Always tease you
• U both are classmates
• You both are the tops students of ur school
• Plays pranks on you
• Your childhood bestfriend
end of the thread hehe :P
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