We have Ghislaine Maxwell's unsealed deposition.

Question: Did you invite minor Virginia Giuffre to Epstein's home?

Maxwell: "She came as a masseuse."

Ghislaine Maxwell admits that Epstein's masseuse was a minor.

Maxwell: "Virginia Roberts (Giuffre) who you are referring to was a masseuse aged 17."

Was [redacted girl] 13 years old when you met her?

Maxwell: "I have no idea."
Maxwell evades the questions -

Question: Did the massage therapists "perform sexual acts for Jeffrey Epstein?"

Maxwell: "I don't know what you mean by sexual acts."
Question: "Does Jeffrey (Epstein) like to have his nipples pinched during sexual encounters?"

Maxwell: "I'm not talking about any adult sexual things when I was with him."
Tons of hedging in this deposition. "I don't recall", etc.

Maxwell was asked if 17 y/o minor Virginia Giuffre stayed at Maxwell's home in London.

Maxwell: I cannot remember.

"Did you know she was 17 at the time of the trip?"

Maxwell: "I didn't even know she was on the trip."
Maxwell is asked about flying on Epstein's plane with a 17 year old.

Maxwell: "How would I know.. that she is 17?"

She's shown flight logs saying Epstein (GE), GM (Maxwell), and minor Virginia.

Maxwell: "How do you know the GM is me." 🤡
Remember those reports about Epstein being in possession of CDs/media in a locked safe?

And the rumors of tapes?

Maxwell admitted to recording massages at Epstein's home.
Wow -

Maxwell was taking messages for girls who would call Epstein's house.

One girl was 15.

Maxwell: "I don't know who [she] is."

Attorney: "Your name is on the message."
Maxwell is asked if she believes Jeffrey Epstein sexually abused minors.

Read Maxwell's responses - for 5+ pages she refuses to answer the question.
This is curious.

Maxwell denies knowledge of how Epstein made his money.

Are you familiar with "Ghislaine Maxwell Company"? (Likely Epstein entity.)

Maxwell: "I never heard of that."
🚨Was Epstein working for the US government?

Epstein had told people "he worked for the government to recover stolen funds."

Maxwell: Don't recall those conversations.

Read Ghislaine Maxwell's full deposition here:

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