1. You're going to have a whole new understanding of Hunter Biden and Burisma once you read this thread. This is a more in depth look than you've probably ever seen on this topic. This evidence will blow your mind. Get the popcorn!

Remember...it's not over till you see "- End".
2. One of the biggest problems when we hear people talking about H. Biden and Burisma is there's never a back story. So, we're going to start back on April 1st 1991.

Mykola Lisin from Ukraine founded a company in the U.S. state of Delaware. He called it Sunrise Energy Resources.
3. You may be asking the same question I did. Why in the world would a Ukrainian Natural Gas businessman form a Energy consulting and trading company in the state of Delaware?
4. "Delaware is the center of the business universe. More than half of the publicly traded companies on U.S. stock exchanges are incorporated in Delaware. Two-thirds of Fortune 500 companies—including Coca-Cola, Apple, and American Airlines—are incorporated there.
6. More from that link.

"The reason that corporations want to incorporate in Delaware is so that their disputes will be heard by one of the five judges of the state’s Court of Chancery—with no jury—and be decided under Delaware law.
7. And Delaware law is very friendly to business; the state, after all, has a strong incentive to make it so: It gets 40 percent of its revenues from business incorporation, taxes, and franchise fees, according to the state’s Division of Corporations."
8. Now we know why Mykola Lisin chose Delaware as his company's home. Sunrise Energy was basically a nobody in the business world for over a decade. But, In 2002, Mykola Lisin and a man by the name of Mykola Zlochevsky formed the company called Burisma Holdings Limited.
9. In this story Mykola Lisin has little further mention until his death in 2011. He supposedly died in a car crash. However, Mykola Zlochevsky is a tremendously integral part of the rest of the story.
10. Shortly after Burisma's founding in 2002, Ukraine's leader decided that Zlochevsky had enough experience to become the minister of ecology and natural resources for Ukraine. Zlochecksy was placed in charge of the very field that he was invested in, natural gas and oil.
11. A huge conflict of interest. The corruption in Ukraine was in the open.

The conflicts that arose from Zlochevksy's time in office began to show themselves quickly. In 2004 Zlochevsky blocked a Polish and Ukrainian joint venture that would secure importation of Natural Gas.
12. In doing so it benefited another company Zlochevsky owned called Ukrnaftoburinnya.

Ukraine had put a man in charge of resources that he was personally vested in, which led to a decision to deny two Sovereign Nations a crucial joint agreement in the marketing of natural gas.
13. This decision by Zlochevsky no doubt affected the ongoing destabilization of that part of the world. All so that Zlochevsky's private business would benefit.

There's a practice in the Ukraine called Integral Property Complex.
14. In this program it allows for people in the country of Ukraine to approach the government with a petition to take over property they don't currently own. The petitioner has to convince a court that a specific property in the Ukraine is very valuable to the petitioner.
15. Basically the argument has to be made that that property would greatly benefit the petitioners economic status and or increase the petitioners OWN business strengths. This may sound a bit unconventional and maybe even medieval, but for a nation like Ukraine, it works.
16. They're attempting to develop the strongest businesses market as possible. The theory is that the integral property complex policy will allow for highly successful businesses to expand via takeovers of land and resources that are not being used to their full potential.
17. It's not the most friendly way to do business but it encourages people to utilize their own assets as best they can so someone else doesn't come along and petition to take it. The other beneficial part to the integral property complex for a petitioner is there's no auctions.
18. This may deny the current owner of that asset from receiving a fair price for their property because it does not allow for competition.

Zlochevksy took advantage of this in his own deals and facilitated the use of the integral property complex for other businesses as well.
19. As this story unfolds, it's impossible to see or even guess the end result. But once we get there you're going to look back and if you're like me you're going to have a very strong feeling that this entire sequence of events was actually some elaborately planned operation.
20. In 1997 a company called Esko Pivnich filed for bankruptcy. They were a natural gas drilling and export company, small in the overall scheme of things. As they began to rebuild themselves in the early 2000s they sought out a partnership with another company called Pari.
21. Pari worked well with Esko Pivnich and they began to partner together on contracts, mutually benefiting from their partnership. As fate would have it, they eventually wound up in front of Mykola Zlochevsky in their petition to exercise the right of integral property complex.
22. Eventually Esko Pivnich and Pari would be handed 1/3 of Ukraine's oil drilling permits.

In 2004 Sunrise Energy approached Esko Pivnich and sought to purchase their stocks with a plan of reorganization. Sunrise Energy obtained 69.21% of Esko Pivnich and Pari.
23. The deal was brokered through Midland Trust Company Limited. In this deal the current chairman / director / president and soul officer of Esko Pivnich agreed to resign his post then be added back as a director under the reorganization.
24. The new board: Konstantin Tsiryulnikov became the chairman and CFO at a mere 26 years old. David Melman was appointed as a director, 62 years old. Leon Golden was chosen as another director, 43 years old. And Abraham Bennun was the last director chosen, just 32 years old.
25. Konstantin Tsiryulnikov's agreement to take over this reorganization stipulated that Halton Impex Corporation, with the sole shareholder being his father Eduard Tsiryulnikov, would become a 65% owner of the overall shares once the deal was settled.

(I'm posting the rest now)
26. It appears as though the elder Tsiryulnikov from Halton Impex Corporation financed the deal for his son to coordinate and eventually become the chairman over...again, at just 26 years old.
27. If you are still following along what this means is that the younger Tsiryulnikov and his Midland Trust Company were not going to hold much actual control over this new reorganization. In fact, this is something that becomes quite apparent throughout the ongoing story.
28. There are numerous changes of names, buyouts and surrendering of shares throughout all of this. What we end up seeing is it looks like there's big changes going on but control of the actual company lies somewhere else completely.
29. Such is the case as this deal where the father maintained real control while the sun held apparent control. Again, throughout the years, Zlochevsky continued to issue drilling permits to the actual oil field operators, Esko Pivnich and Pari.
30. And, the integral property complex clause was continuously petitioned by the actual oil field operators and their lead company, Sunrise Energy. One of those integral property complex petitions were for a location known as the Karaikozovsk fields.
31. The petition and argument was made that a tremendously large natural gas deposit lay underneath the Earth's crust in that region and the request to sequester that property was made to Ukraine.
32. Esko Pavnich and Pari along with their partners Sunrise Energy and Midland Trust, put their company in a economic backbend, betting on the fact that these fields would open up new business for them.
33. It's important to understand that the volume these small companies were retrieving and selling we're extremely small in comparison to the market. In an entire year the largest yield that I saw for these companies in their combined effort was just over three million barrels.
34. Consider this, Saudi Arabia has produced over 12.4 million barrels in a single day.

Eventually, in 2007, Netherland Sewell & Associates Incorporated, NSAI, did a field study on the Karaikozovsk fields which had been acquired via an integral property complex petition.
35. Unfortunately for the small group of businesses that had come together under the 26 year-old's leadership, NSAI announced that the Karaikozovsk fields were barren and contained no deposits capable of being retrieved. It was a dashing blow. And, who should get involved?
36. That's right! Zlochevsky approached the small conglomerate and informed them because their anticipation of high yield of resources from the Karaikozovsk fields had failed, he was revoking their integral property complex award. They were in real financial trouble.
37. They had already begun seeking out financial assistance from Millington Solutions LLC out of London. Sunrise Energy orchestrated the SEC filing and admitted that Millington Solutions was calling in their debts that had been built up by these four businesses over the years.
38. With the loss of the Karaikozovsk fields, 100% of Sunrise Energy's assets would be transferred to Millington Solutions LLC which included the operating subsidiaries of Esko Pivnich and Pari. At this point Midland Trust Company had no say in what would happen with the future.
39. Then, Eduard Tsiryulnikov did something unexpected. Being the primary shareholder, whether the stocks were worthless or not, he approached Zlochevksy, the minister of ecology and natural resources for Ukraine and co-owner of Burisma, and surrendered all his 69.47% of shares.
40. The agreement made by Sunrise Energy and Millington Solutions LLC did not include transfer of stocks or ownership of the companies, just physical assets. Out of nowhere, Burisma ends up being controlling partner in charge of a debt-free Esko Pivnich, Sunrise Energy and, Pari.
41. Millington Solutions is left holding the debt that they forgave and they have no control over what happens to the companies that they just acquired.

This was one of the most nefarious parts of this story and it was nothing short of genius if it was all planned.
42. Millington Resources had forgiven 5.8 million dollars in debt when they agreed on their merger with Sunrise Energy, Esko Pivnich and Peri. I've had a hard time nailing down actual ownership of Millington Resources, appears to belong to an entity that owns 1,400+ companies.
43. In my opinion, this is one of those black holes that runs this mass of basically shell corporations, ones that can pass around financial and fiscal responsibilities while never actually stepping foot into a real leadership or even ownership roles.
44. Remember, every single one of these business sales, transfers of control, sharing of assets and surrendering of shares was completed inside the state of Delaware and we're being monitored by the SEC.
45. In every SEC filing that I have seen that have statements about it, the SEC states it does not believe any illegal activity was occurring within These companies.

Throughout all of this none of these companies ever seem to make very much money in the grand scheme of things.
46. In looking at it you notice that control and stock ownership of the companies change on a regular basis. It happened again on May 18th 2010. The SEC announced that Burisma sold the 69.7% holdings they held over these companies to a group of new owners.
47. Cambridge Securities of Panama owned by Luis Hernandez Garcia was awarded 12,082,325 shares, 51% ownership.

Coral Canyon Investments, Montego Blue Enterprises, Vermilion Consulting Corporation, Middle Island Consortium, all out of Nevada were awarded 1,105,373 shares each.
48. The total from this deal were 16,503,817 shares, sale price was $270,000.

4 companies holding a third of all the permits to drill in the Ukraine with natural gas and oil contracts, with all of their equipment and assets...only earned $270,000 for 69.7% of their shares?
49. That's not suspicious! With this deal being worked out in Delaware there would be no public announcement that the companies were up for sale and there would be no outside influences to alert the other shareholders that held the other 30.3% of the shares.
50. The 26 year old Konstantin Tsiryulnikov and Leon Golden were retained as directors of Sunrise Energy after the deal. Three of us Anons researched Cambridge Securities of Panama and Luis Hernandez Garcia. As of 2015 that organization is apparently no longer operating.
51. In 2011 something very strange happened. An SEC filing showed that a new company called Bruciti Investments bought Burisma and regained control of the four companies once again.  Even more strange, the owner of Brew City Investments is none other then Mykola Zlochevsky.
52. The only difference this time is that select shepsky has been financed by a Ukrainian oligarch named Ihor Kolomoyskyi. Under  this new business model Dean McCall replaced both Konstantin Tsiryulnikov and Leon Golden as the sole director.
53. In 2012 Ukraine began to experience serious upheavals. Their dealings with Russia became violent. Transfers of power in the government saw less corrupt officials come in who begin to deny Zlochevsky's corruption that had been enabling him to support and maintain Burisma.
54. In 2014, president Yanukovych fled. In the wake of the unrest, Russia moved in and annexed Crimea. An acting president for Ukraine was appointed, Turchynov. This interim leader knew oligarch Kolomoyskyi very well and appointed him as governor of Dnipropetrovsk, East Ukraine.
55. Kolomoyskyi and Zlochevsky were operating Burisma out of Cyprus. One reason I have found for this is Kolomoyskyi owns Privat, one of the premier natural gas producers and importers / exporters not only in Ukraine but in surrounding countries.
56. Privat is a massive producer, but because of his new role as Governor he needed a front company to manage Privat's dealings. He appointed Burisma under Zlochevsky's leadership.

This is where our more current story picks up.
57. One thing about Kolomoyskyi is that Vladimir Putin from Russia does not like him at all. Due to Kolomoyskyi's lobbying and financial influencing, Russia's own Natural Gas economy was negatively impacted. Kolomoyskyi feared retribution and even possible attack by Putin.
58. So, with Burisma in control of Privat, Kolomoyskyi figured out a plan. He decided to populate Burisma's board member seats with well-known people from numerous countries, primarily the United States.
59. Kolomoyskyi's theory was that by populating the seats on his board with well-known friends or family members of world leaders, Putin and Russia would be less likely to attack and or attempt to take over Privat or Burisma.
60. His first pick was David Leiter, former Senate Chief of Staff to Secretary of State John Kerry. In May of 2014 he became a lobbyist for Burisma. Devon Archer, Democrat bundler and advisor to John Kerry's 2004 presidential campaign was next.
61. Archer worked with Hunter Biden at Rosemont Capital. Hunter Biden joined Burisma's board as well. Rosemont Capital was co-owned by Chris Heinz, John Kerry son-in-law. Chris Heinz made a public statement that he had been invited to join the board of Burisma.
62. Heinz declined, his feelings that taking the position would be a conflict of interest and possibly violate US law.

Joseph Cofer Black is a former CIA official who was appointed by George W. Bush and led the Office of Counterterrorism.

He too joined the board of Burisma.
63. Alan Apter, a heavy hitting banker who had previously worked for Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley also joined Burisma.

Aleksander Kwasniewski, former president of Poland, also joined Burisma's board.
64. There is something very key here to look at. In one of the SEC filings it listed the average annual salary for very highly experienced members of Burisma's board and that of Sunrise Energy and the others.
65. The low salary of $25,000 a year and a high salary of approximately $75,000 a year, out of the directors listed in the SEC filing over a period of several years, the average annual salary for a full-time director for the board of these companies was a mere $61,950 a year.
66. We are now hearing that Hunter Biden and several others were being paid up to 1 million dollars per year to sit on the board of Burisma. In one report I read Hunter Biden was only expected to attend 2 meetings of the board of directors per year to earn that money.
67. So, Zlochevksy was finally in a position where he was earning serious money working for the Ukrainian oligarch. He had the protection of well-known people on his board of directors and it looked like it was going to be free sailing for him.
68. Then, Viktor Shokin, working as a prosecutor for Ukraine, begins an investigation into Zlochevsky, Burisma and the whole history of that corruption. His boss Yuri Lutsenko has confirmed, Shokin was investigating Burisma as well as the members of its board...including H.Biden.
69. So, Joe Biden steps in. He even bragged about demanding Shokin be fired.

In 2016 Trump beat Hillary Clinton. Nobody thought she would lose. Suddenly, the entire Ukrainian deal was wide open for discovery and nowhere enough time to hide it all.
70. The Obama Administration deployed US ambassador Yovanovitch to immediately seek out prosecutor Lutsenko and ordered him to shut down all investigations of all US politicians AND their donors, concerning any illegal activities in the Ukraine or lose all funding from the U.S.
71. Lutsenko told reporter John Solomon, Yovanovitch "gave me a list of people whom we should not prosecute". One of the groups on that list to stop investigating was AntAc, the anti-corruption action center put together by Barack Obama and George Soros.
72. And there it is, the monster hiding in the corner. What could George Soros possibly have to do with all of this? Well, we've been told haven't we! The "shadow government". Some of you don't know where that term was coined. I'm going to show you!
73. The link leads to a 7 page PDF that will heavily educate you on the planning and scheming of the "godfather" George Soros.
74. "In the same year, Hillary. Harold Eckes (Clintons Chief of Staff) and Soros formed the foundation
of the Shadow Party, identifying left wing candidates that could be controlled, ready to move into office at the right time."

75. The article is amazing to read through, a super red pill piece and it identifies some of the people that this author noted as being part of Soros's Shadow party, including Dem VP candidate Kamala Harris. It really all began with Bill Clinton's presidency.
76. Soros helped him beat George HW Bush when Bush Sr was looking for his 2nd term. Soros manages to find individuals who are either in a predicament and capable of being controlled or blackmailed into serving him or he finds people eager and willing to betray their Nation.
77. If they're not already in government they are put in a holding pattern and prepped for whatever position Soros believes they would be most effective at. If they are in government already they may be brand-new to the field or they could be seasoned and experienced individuals.
78. They may be acting a part that doesn't even demonstrate Allegiance or loyalty to Soros or the shadow party. But, upon being activated they will do exactly as they're told in order to collect that paycheck or to avoid having their secrets aired out.
79. Right around the time that Donald Trump won the election in 2016, George Soros nearly emptied his banking accounts and shoved his numerous billions into his open-source societies. Why did he do this? Because, all assets deployed.
80. Every person in the wind or waiting to be appointed or run for office was activated. Every person under the shadow parties lead has received their payment and the assets needed around the globe are readily available. Funding for whatever is needed is easily accessible.
81. So, why Ukraine? Why did George Soros have so much interest in Ukraine's gas markets? Well, there is one country in particular that has repeatedly told George Soros to pound sand. Russia.
82. It's believed that Soros approached Kolomoyskyi and funded Privat in order to challenge Russia's natural gas independence. Putin hated that his economy was threatened by George Soros's involvement in Ukraine. All of it ties back to one point, 1 shadowy master.

The Godfather.
83. This dig would not have been possible without the exceptional research and support of @BZulu17 and @Americanlll. They are unstoppable Patriots and their help on this dig made this all possible. Please give them a shout and a follow.

God bless y'all

- End
93. God be with you all!
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