Have been getting a fair few questions about this part and whether this means ALL #HongKong permanent residents, incl those from Mainland #China might benefit from this section. Yes, because the definition of #HK permanent resident in this Bill refers to Article 24 of the —>
—> Basic Law of #HongKong.

My initial proposal was to simply grant #BNO status holders British citizenship with an easier visa route for those non-BNO #HongKongers to come to the UK should there be a breach of the #JointDeclaration, with reference to any ties to BDTC status —>
—> in their ascending line, ie parents or grandparents who were BDTC. This would have addressed the concerns which some of you had highlighted when we asked for people’s thoughts and opinions.

However, @amcarmichaelMP and his team have opted for a less complex drafting. —>
—> Instead of granting #BNO status holders British citizenship, only right of abode will be granted. The benefit of this drafting is that there is less restriction on who can automatically gain right of abode when compared to my initial drafting taking into account concerns —>
—> about who should benefit from this Bill if it passes into an Act of Parliament.

But I am sure that concerns will be noted and discussed in Parliament. The Second Reading in the @HouseofCommons is scheduled to take place tomorrow (23 October 2020).
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