people can tell me "democrats are getting better" when we get the social safety net back to pre-clinton status

not even asking for pre-reagan. very low bar
every time people say democrats are getting better pretty much literally all they can point to is gay rights. in terms of almost everything else - even abortion, which leaders like pelosi have said isn't a big deal anymore - we're fighting to *get back to* pre-1992 quality
and its notable that literally their only attachment to gay rights is gay marriage. everything else is a big "eh, not my problem", especially if it involves impoverished queers
it's so fucking tiring to be told how much better the democrats are getting when we're still not getting back to pre-bush, pre-clinton, pre-reagan levels on everything from labor rights to free speech protections to not giving cops the entirety of our budgets
reagan would have an orgasm so powerful it would give him an aneurysm if he saw how incredibly eager democrats are to deport people, bomb foreigners, and slash public funding for everything but cops now
fucking l o l

the democrats: they're so progressive, they're getting better, they're moving so far to the left that... they're bringing in the 90s republicans who at least some 90s democrats were trying to fight
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