My ranking of Game of Thrones seasons BY SOUNDTRACK:
Season 3
Season 6
Season 8
Season 1
Season 2
Season 4
Season 5
Season 7
Season 3 is giving you: the best instrumental version of Castomere, the full Chaos is a Ladder theme, the Ironborn theme, the song they actually play during the red wedding, and the mournful aftermath, AND Mhysa AND... FREAKING.. DRACARYS
Season 6 has the best song in the whole show (Light of the Seven) which is so good you can pretty much *SEE* what is happening. Season 8 the music is better than Season 8 the television show, as all its *musical* themes pay off big time, plus the Night King song.
Season 1 is like, the baseline of everything. And my only complaint with season 2 is that it doesn't do anything 1 doesn't do... UNTIL you get that low gravelly sung version of Castamere which, is best song in the show for people who don't like Light of the Seven.
4 and 5 lose me a bit, because it's great but there's nothing really *new* there, except for really Sons of the Harpy at the end of 5.

Season 7 is... I mean it's fine. They take some chances. I think they miss more than they hit is all.
I've been listening while playing @CrusaderKings all week and finally finished all 8 seasons tonight. :)
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