Is it not intriguing that @DasShaktikanta, the SEBI Chairman and the DEA Secretary should speak on the same day on the same subject ?
All three have tried to “talk up” the economy. I wish the economy was a circus lion that would respond to the stick of the ringmaster !
The economy is largely determined by the market, by the laws of demand and supply, and by the purchasing power and sentiments of the people.
The three distinguished men should tell the FM, in unison, that the vast majority of the people do not have the money or the inclination to buy goods and services
Unless the government puts money in the hands of the bottom half of the families and puts food on the plates of the poor, the economy will not revive smartly.
If you doubt what I say, just listen to the voices of the voters of Bihar on their existential crisis — no work or not enough work, no income or little income, and their thoughts are on surviving, not on spending
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