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most of my moots can ignore this. okay. hi, so can we talk about your hypocrisy? sure you can cry that you don't know me all you want. i've seen enough. you willingly follow and allow minors to follow you, interact with them, etc. you know they see +
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your tweets on their timeline. yet you post nsfw tweets (sometimes with trigger warnings yes), but like this tweet above sometimes without them. you retweet nsfw tweets without trigger warnings, and are overall very nsfw on your account that you are +
tw // bush , nsfw mention , drama

aware of having minors who follow you AND EVEN following those minors back. you have compared 2 people (so much as i have seen) to a very harmful person who has abused many victims. this is all so incredibly immature.
tw // nsfw mention , drama

i am not saying any sources at all, though i have been made aware of how you are openly speaking about nsfw things involving yourself, or even just a random tweet, where minors can see and sometimes these things are done without warnings.
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