This is an evil and inhumane policy that stains the honour of the United States. These immoral acts have been commited in the name of the American people by sinister and amoral Trump apparatchiks like @SpoxDHS Chase Jennings and WH spokesperson Brian Morgenstern. We will all 1/
Eventually know the names of all the people who incepted these immoral policies. We will know the names of everyone who said “ Yes Sir” and implemented, defended and lied about these immoral acts to the American people. Trump is losing and there is panic in his ranks
Of enablers. There are stories across the media about the deep worry of WH and Administration staffers over their future employment prospects. The worry is justified. American Companies and trade associations have very low tolerances for pain. Very low. Their employees are
all connected. Hannah Arendt was correct about the banality of evil. It lingers all around us in the final hours of this rotten and corrupt administration. Chase Jennings and Brian Morgenstern should keep lying to the end. They will never get the Trump stink off of them. They
Will certainly not be alone in paying the price for their participation in the low, immoral and corrupt actions of Donald Trump, his repugnant family and their enablers. A long and lonely winter is coming for them all. It is well earned and will be well deserved .
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