Oh good Gods the lies never stop do they?

Let's again look at it with data.

In 2008 FCI stock of rice and wheat was 36 tonnes.

In 2014 it was 75 tonnes.

In this same period food inflation touched double digits and averaged 9%. ( Less than 4% for Modi term 1) https://twitter.com/RahulGandhi/status/1318877314600497152
So while food inflation raged unchecked the UPA govt was hoarding food grains in depots.

It got so bad that PIL's were filed iirc (or it was suo moto not sure) that the SC ordered the UPA govt and Sharad Pawar lead food ministry to release food grains for free rather than rot
4/n so we now have the situation where prices were jacked up, leading to inflation, increased purchase and storage leading to shortages in the market leading to even more inflation.

Why? Only Pappu and his Mom can answer tbh. Who benefited from this? Why did the poor starve?
5/n the answer, Cong tied in politicians and business men who were importing grain in this period

Mind you 2004-8 saw bumper rains and harvests so you had a scenario where excess grain was rotting in FCI godowns but Cong run states were importing wheat?
6/n Dig further and it gets even more interesting. PSU's imported wheat in the UPA raj (while surplus stock was refused release) at 2 times the rate it paid Indian farmers!

So much for this Pappu and his bleeding heart tweets. His mom's govt literally stole from the poor
7/n it gets worse, in Jan 2014 UPA increased min storage norms in FCI godowns from 35mn tonnes to 53 mn tonnes!

One of the first acts of the Modi govt was offloading 15 tonnes of grains from FCI stores. Something the UPA had even fought cases in the SC and refused
8/n the Modi govt has created infrastructure to create 15l tonnes of Silos to hold grain with lesser spoilage (something UPA never did).

While stocks have been creeping up, inflation has been under check, our food grain productivity has also been growing. It is only during
9/9 the pandemic period that the NDA govt has been mopping up excess stocks as a way of generating revenue that the stocks have really shot up reached 90mn tonnes in June and is now 67 mn tonnes so the govt is expending stocks

Pappu as always is full of lies. Call him out
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