I love how the Minister of Transportation can talk about a lot of things, but he’s thus far given NO direction to the 25000 Carriers in Alberta who will have to have their Safety Fitness Certificates renewed in 2022 and where the province ONLY has 25 approved auditors.
At 1000 carriers per auditor, an auditor would have to do 83.33 audits a month, which equals to 2.77 audits a day. It cannot be done. The impact is without a valid SFC, carriers cannot operate, essentially grounding our economy to a halt.
Adding to that, the Ministry’s forward facing information is a hodge podge of broken links, outdated information & incomplete resources. Yet carriers are expect to comply to the law. Trucking in Alberta is an essential service but it feels like our Minister doesn’t seem to care.
Compliance ensures safety. Compliance ensures profitability. Compliance ensures Alberta doesn’t grind to a halt. You don’t need to know the nuances of what this all means but know that it MATTERS to each of us. No goods/materials means rising prices, scarcity, panics & no jobs.
One would think the UCP would care about this but apparently, they don’t. And instead we’re all going to scramble in 2021 to figure it out, carriers & auditors alike. If you’re in transportation, start getting ready NOW. Don’t wait for government. Plan ahead & plan fast.
I would love it if someone were to take all this seriously at a government level. It may seem so irrelevant, but it’s a linchpin that can bring down the whole enterprise. So, the ball’s in your corner. @albertaNDP @UCPCaucus @RachelNotley @jkenney @RicMcIver @abndpcaucus
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