TERFs overreact to edgy trans folks with weapons in photos online while half of us wake up at 3am in a mild panic because of shit we've been through and do a quick patrol of our flats with a knife or a bat to make sure things D okay.
Hello insomniacs how the fuck are you doing?
I'm so fucking tired.
"it's so male to react to trauma by looking for the nearest weapon and being ready to fight"

Yeah tell that to the women in my life going through the same thing you bastards.
I wrote this thread because I normally play the respectability game to a degree as part of trying to be able to hold reasonable conversations with transphobes who just straight up weaponise this shit against us, and honestly I feel like a hypocrite not saying something.
Our preparedness to look after ourselves however necessary, perhaps over-preparedness, hypervigilance and maladaptive coping strategies in a lot of cases to be quite honest, becomes a way of turning the abuse we react to into a way of acting like we're dangerous when we're not.
The other option is getting obscenely drunk to get a full night's sleep but liver damage is probably worse than insomnia health wise and oral hrt for trans women makes it a much higher risk.
Alright night night insomniacs, my heart's not racing any more, I might get another 2 hours sleep if I'm lucky.
Oh, there was a noise, time to go check, rinse and repeat the last hour of trying to calm down. Cool, cool cool cool cool cool.
So, jokes. That'll pass the time. Observational comedy.

So hey there my fellow t4t crew! You're all so attractive and sweet.

Do you ever think to yourself "If you've never woke up to a partner having flashbacks trying to defend themselves, are you really even T4T?"
Trauma preparedness is it's own special class of hilarity. There's this thing where you get hurt, maybe you get hurt bad. And somehow you get persuaded to go take a self defence class. Where you train and practice violence. And that somehow triggers your shit again!
Hey there. 💜💙💜 https://twitter.com/EmilyBanting1/status/1319128230536876037?s=19
I live in a country where posting pictures of this sort of thing is more likely to lead to a visit from the police than getting physically attacked so I'm going to leave the show and tell to the north Americans.
I know right? Trans girls with big choppers calendar 2021 https://twitter.com/MashaSquirrel/status/1319130399386337280?s=19
I should say I'm kinda lucky right now because the weather got cold so this little furbag keeps crawling into my bed at night which is helping.
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