This is Erika Thompson, the @DFAT staffer who organised for Alexander Downer to have drinks in London with George Papadolous. Erika has just been promoted to Australian Ambassador to Colombia.

Let me tell you why that stinks...

1/ #spygate #auspol
2. Thompson was then "a career diplomat working as a political counsellor" at the Australian High Commission in London. Her boyfriend Christian Cantor was "the head of the political branch in the Israeli embassy" in London. He is now Israel's Ambassador to Colombia...
3. Papadopolous said Cantor (who he already knew) introduced him to Erika Thompson weeks before the meeting and she repeatedly tried to seduce him. He called her "an Australian intelligence officer". It was her idea for Downer to meet Papadopolous.
4. Early reports of the meeting kept Thompson's identity secret, barely noting an "unnamed Australia House official" was also present. But in fact she chose the Kensington Wine Rooms location, and even wrote the diplomatic cable later sent to Australian intelligence HQ.
5. Downer/Thompson sent that cable to Australian authorities within 48 hours of the Papadopoulos meeting. The information was not provided to the FBI until months later when Joe Hockey, Australia's ambassador to the U.S., passed it to American authorities in late July 2016.
6. Hockey jumped to Downer's defence when the meeting became public and made a "proactive offer of assistance" to help Mueller before Australia was even asked. Hockey "personally steered Australia's dealings with the FBI" with regard to Downer's information on Russian "dirt".
7. But that's just the official story. Downer said he forgot all about that cable until WikiLeaks started releasing Clinton emails months later. But actually he had passed it immediately to the Chargé d'Affairs at the US Embassy in London, Elizabeth Dibble.
8. Dibble was ex-Dept. State but also has links to the mysterious Link University in Rome, which also has links to Joseph Mifsud, the Western spy (Mueller falsely said he was Russian) who first told Papadopolous that Russia had Clinton emails. So we come full circle...
9. Papadopolous said Mifsud planted the Clinton/Russia story with him and it was Downer's job to extract that information and pass it on, making it look like Papadopolous was the original source. But he says he never told Downer about it! So how did Downer know?
10. In a July 2019 podcast Downer said his meeting with Papadopoulos was suggested by the Israeli embassy in London (i.e. Thompson's boyfriend). He mentioned that another official "who worked at Australia House at the time" was present but he didn't name her.
11. Downer said they discussed "oil and gas in the Easter Mediterranean, which is I think the interest the Israelis had in him."

Papadopoulos was an energy consultant with a particular focus on Cyprus-Greek-Israel agreement over the Leviathon Gasfield (off the coast of Gaza).
12. Now you might remember that Alexander Downer was the Foreign Minister who authorised bugging of the East Timor govt to steal oil and gas for Australian company Woodside Petroleum. Downer later became a consultant for Woodside, who had a 30% stake in the Leviathon Gasfield.
13. Downer was also the UN special adviser on Cyprus for six years from 2008, when Woodside aquired that stake (the gasfield shares a border with Cyprus).

There's a LOT more to this story. And it all stinks!


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