So, here's the thing about the votes @SenSchumer just explained. Both @SenSusanCollins and @lisamurkowski *said* that we shouldn't proceed with a nominee before the election. It was meaningless & cost them nothing.
NOW, if McConnell tries to accept the nomination, they could ACT.
If Lindsey Graham pushes through the nomination without a quorum, Dems will ask the full Senate to reject that nomination. At that point, McConnell needs 51 votes (or 50, not sure if Pence gets to break the tie) to ignore regular rules.
If Collins and Murkowski keep their word, they only need one (or two) more Republican to vote in favor of *regular order*, like John McCain, as opposed to the illegitimate process to rush through a lifetime Supreme Court nominee.
I don't know that there are two additional Republicans. Romney actively wants the bigoted policies of Barrett and the rest of the GOP is terrified of Trump.

But, that's the state of play. Colllins and Murkowski keep their word, one or two more vote for order.
And to the extend, you know, that there are at least 51 Senators willing to violate the Senate's OWN RULES in order to add another hardcore Republican to the Court for life... that'll be something to remember if Democrats win the Senate.
As @SenWhitehouse said: "Because we can... swings both ways."
I know this is all an extreme long shot. But, like, we have to try. Remember the Republicans win when we give up.
[Bluto Blutarsky voice] WAS IT OVER, when Agent Smith completed the Death Star? WAS IT OVER, when Mexico nuked the Wall? NOTHING is over until we SAY it is. WHO'S WITH ME???
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