Why did @AmyEGardner just falsely advise @maddow that it would be almost impossible for remote hackers to change vote tallies bc voting machines supposedly are never online?! That is misinformation. #RemoveTheModems 1/
2/ https://twitter.com/segreenhalgh/status/1317211490663976960
6/ Yes it’s too late to remove them. Thanks to @maddow and everyone else who ignored this issue. But there is still time for election officials to not use them.
8/ If they exposed it, election officials might finally be shamed into doing the right thing (removing or at least not using the effing cellular modems) and then people wouldn’t feel compelled to lie about it. Lying makes things worse. It makes it harder to change things.
9/ It also makes it harder for losing Democratic campaigns to challenge suspicious election losses. It doesn’t affect Rs the same way bc they don’t care if people call them conspiracy theorists or sore losers.
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