At least 80% of the content you’ve seen “supposedly” from the Lekki massacre are fake. Hours after that incident, the govt’s troll army flooded social media with fake pictures and videos “of the massacre”. We’ve now shared these everywhere.
The second phase of the plan is when we start discovering that the pictures and videos are fake. Their influencers will be the first to fact-check. We will agree. By the time they are done, we’ll start doubting the events of that night.
Fuck. They control social media too. The night was dark and people were terrified. Apart from DJ Switch and Uyi’s IG live and a few other videos and pictures, we have nothing. The rest of what you’ve been sharing are fake. They want to eventually make us look stupid.
We need to carefully document all the evidence we have from that night. Would most likely not be a lot apart from the recorded IG live videos. They will keep pushing out fake material to create doubt on the authenticity of everything, but we can’t let them win.
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