Musk starts earnings call by reiterating his vision that Tesla's core competence will be manufacturing. They should hold a "manufacturing day" to fill in the gaps.
Musk suggests the insurance business could be a material part of Tesla's overall business long term. I see insurance as eventually be a measurable part, and not a material part of the business.
HVAC topic reemerging. Musk says "there's no prototype and it would be good to have". Example of Tesla applying auto tech into new markets, something that traditional auto doesn't do.
Musk says he wouldn't put LiDAR on vehicles even it was free. Sticking with his cameras are enough theme. Further insult to the rest of the auto industry that's betting AV's need LiDAR.
The cost of a Tesla will continue to inch lower. Cut costs and then cut price appears to be the strategy over the next few years. Bad news for traditional auto.
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