THREAD: A random kid faked a text message between him and Rudy Giuliani and is now claiming it's "satire" after dozens of blue checks, including names like Rachel Maddow, fell for it.

Here are a few of the quote tweets... who knows how many more blue check RTs there are...
Editor for Politico Magazine, Young Turks, Strategy Director for Progress Now, USA Today:
HuffPo, Bleacher Report, Daily Beast, Alt Press:
Vox, Vancouver Sun, Clinton Admin
So glad you mentioned this! This was also just proven to be a hoax. Giuliani was laying back to remove his mic and there was nothing more to it than that. That rumor was also started by a random account followed by dozens of journos piling on.
NOTE: Not a single person was suspended and not a single label was applied to any of their tweets.
MSNBC, The Nation, Cat Guy, CNN
Newsweek, "comms strategist," NYT, PA State Representative
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