It is #OAWeek / #OAWeek2020! Time for a celebratory thread of #OABooks from the @AmsterdamUPress History list.

Download Women and Power at the French Court, 1483-1563 (ed. Sue Broomhall) as #OpenAccess at
The next #OpenAccess book from @AmsterdamUPress in this thread is The Youth of Early Modern Women (Eds. Cohen & @Margaret17thC). Courtesy of @KUnlatched, you can download it for free at

#OAWeek2020 #OABooks #GenderingtheLateMedievalandEarlyModernWorld
Spain, China, & Japan in Manila, 1571-1644: Local Comparisons & Global Connections by Birgit Tremml-Werner ( @linneuni) is an #OABook from @AmsterdamUPress. Download the book as #OpenAccess at #OAWeek2020
Also available as #OpenAccess is The Dutch & English East India Companies: Diplomacy, Trade & Violence in Early Modern Asia (eds. Adam Clulow, @UTAustin & @TristanMostert, @unileidennews). Download it at #OpenAccessWeek #OpenAccessBooks #OA
Anglo-Saxon Literary Landscapes: Ecotheory & the Environmental Imagination, by @1greenblogger, is available as #OpenAccess at

These are just the books I know of in the History list that are #OA. There may be others! Happy #OpenAccessWeek -

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