So - I see @MarkRuffalo's tweet regarding people #onhere preferring 3 other people with the same first name over one of his co-stars is still up. Disappointing to be sure, but I want to really break down WHY - b/c Mark likely just sees this as simply speaking up for his friend.
Here is the thing about allyship - it's not only a verb, but it's a COMPREHENSIVE approach to how you choose to live your life. Every decision you make is either towards justice and in support of marginalized people or it is against it. Few actions are neutral in this respect.
So Twitter decided that Chris Pratt was the "worst Chris" - such a frivolous thing, something that happens #onhere daily with actors, candy bars, musicians, fashion etc etc. Clearly, @MarkRuffalo didn't rush to Pratt's defense simply b/c most people preferred the other 3 Chris'
I mean that would ridiculous and also infantilizing to Pratt. Are his sensibilities that delicate that twitter deeming him not as great as the other 3 Chris' sent him into a tailspin required an "Avengers Assemble" moment of support? Nah - this was white supremacy at work.
The reason why @MarkRuffalo and his co-stars felt pulled to defend Pratt was not b/c he was deemed the worst Chris, but due to the REASONS, he was deemed the worst Chris. His continued following of alt-right pages, wearing a "don't tread on me" shirt, his homophobic church ties.
Mark & his fellow co-stars could not stand by while this rich, well connected, movie star WM was maligned by the facts of his life, the actions he has taken, and people/organizations he associates with. This is THEIR FRIEND, THEY KNOW HIM. This is white supremacy culture at work.
When you allow personal relationships to overshadow the at the very least problematic behavior or someone, you discount personal responsibility and position racism, oppression, and liberation as 1-to-1 concepts vs systemic in nature.
Pratt wasn't racist TO THEM so therefore we should STFU. So with that laid out - but I really want to actually address @MarkRuffalo's tweet specifically. Why? Because Mark has spent time in community with movement leaders and he has harmed some of those people with this response.
My phone blew up yesterday with organizers who have worked with @MarkRuffalo. "I'm so disappointed" "This hurts." "I really thought he understood" "I know he knows better" were just a few of the things folks expressed to me.
So why was THIS tweet so harmful to folks? Why were they upset and not just irritated? Read the tweet right now. Read it out loud actually.
First @MarkRuffalo begins by declaring Pratt "as solid a man there is" I mean does his ex-wife he cheated on believe that? Cuz when you vouch for people with blanket statements... you better be sure to cross your i's & dot your t's - this is actually an aside so back to my point
Okay okay - So @MarkRuffalo then goes on to say "he knows him personally" YIKES. See here is where things already go left. Knowing someone personally does not give YOU a whole white man the authority to declare him safe. That's not how allyship works friend.
But it's the last part that I know really hurt the people who have worked with @MarkRuffalo within movement spaces. "He is just not overtly political as a rule. This is a distraction". WHEW. Mark. Come on - you can't tell marginalized people what is a distraction. YOU KNOW THAT.
It is the height of white male privilege to run to the aid of another rich white man by telling marginalized people they need to worry about something else. IMAGINE! The gall. We can all walk and chew gum just as we can trash Pratt and go vote. Thank you very much.
And as for the "he's not political as a rule." After the 4 years we have had, I would have HOPED that would not be an acceptable answer for someone like you @MarkRuffalo , who considers themselves a socially & politically engaged advocate.
Finally @MarkRuffalo the "prize" you named in your tweet must be different from the organizers you have worked with in the past. Their prize is LIBERATION, FREEDOM, ABOLITION. Coddling rich white men who are in opposition to those things isn't allyship, it's just white supremacy.
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