As discussed on yday's @TheHerleBurly pod - Minority Parliaments are all about control. Governments that lose control of the agenda will inevitably find themselves less able to shape their own future, deliver on their program and win re-election. #cdnpoli
To permit the Cons to establish this new 'corruption' Super-Cttee wld have been an unqualified surrender of control for Trudeau. It would have given the Opposition new levers to shape the agenda, dictate the news cycle and establish the terms of the next elxn #cdnpoli
This all may come off as unseemly or hard-ass but the exercise of muscle that Trudeau has just shown was the right move and the smart move politically for his govt (or any govt in a similar spot). When you have leverage and the stakes are high, you use that leverage. #cndpoli
Hand-wringers can sweat it endlessly, but look at the outcome: Trudeau isn't forced into an election. He's not forced into accepting this cttee. He didn't even have to stock the NDP's fridge. He emerges clearly in control of Parliament. It's A full-on, flat-out win #cndpoli
BTW Singh's line, "We won't give the PM the election he wants" is pretty good, all things considered. He's playing a bad hand as well as he can. But the reality is the PM didn't want an election. He wanted control. And, for now at least, he's won it. #cdnpoli
Last thing: Minority parliaments are messy. They're rife with politics and power moves and calculations and brinkmanship. That's a turn off for many. But that's the way it works. Some days you can't win and also look pretty. Some days you just settle for winning #cdnpoli
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