1) Criminology and criminal justice researchers want to influence policy and practice, but we as a discipline are systematically hiding our research from those who need it. If our research is to be worthwhile, this must change.

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2) The @ASCRM41, @ACJS_National and @BritSocCrim ethics codes all commit to "free and open access to knowledge", but researchers publish in journals which charge subscriptions that practitioners, global-south unis and independent researchers and can't afford
3) It would cost an independent researcher in Indonesia, a PhD student in India or a police captain in Idaho about $15,900 per year to subscribe all 100 criminology and related journals – far more than they can afford, or any of us could if our access weren't paid for us
4) *All* criminology journals allow authors to publicly post the original version of their article for free, but only about a quarter of crim articles are open access, compared to about half in other disciplines – we are way behind other subjects on this!
5) Publishers say they support open access, but some of the biggest publishers have the lowest proportion of open access articles. This includes the publishers chosen by the big academic societies to publish their journals, and especially the largest crim publisher @tandfonline
6) Some of our field's biggest journals hide almost all their research away – Criminology & Public Policy (a journal designed to translate research into practice!) hides 87% of research behind a subscription paywall.

If you're a editor, you have a responsibility to change this.
7) Researchers in the US produce the majority of English-language criminology research, but their articles are among the least likely to be open to the public, even though much of that research is publicly funded.

This should be a major concern for @ASCRM41 and @ACJS_National
9) Then sign this @CriminologyOpen open letter asking @ASCRM41 to get its publisher to make it easier to post the final version of articles online, too – at the moment they make it harder than any other publisher https://twitter.com/CriminologyOpen/status/1318158632761102343
11) Finally, if you're interested in opening up access to criminology research, follow @CommCrim @JDI_Open @Sandy_Research @PizaEric @SJacques83 @AiliMalm and @DrLauraHuey – they're all helping push our field forward by communicating research to those who can benefit from it
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