An important lesson for America from my daughter’s campaign for Pod President—leader of the 8 girls she pods with in live Covid school.

There is an underserved segment of the population that doesn’t vote because they “don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings.”
I worry that pollsters have missed this crucial demographic.

In her class, it’s fully 25% of voters.
Candidates might win over this powerful bloc by saying, “The other guy would be fine with it if you voted for me. You can also have him over for make-your-own-sundae to make it up to him.”
Actually given Trump’s whining at rallies about how no one likes him and how mad he’ll be if swing states don’t break his way I genuinely wonder whether some people vote for him so as not to hurt his feelings!
Is it *possible* that some people semi-consciously vote for the candidate who seems least able to manage a loss? And who might go apeshit if they lose?
If so, this could work for Biden too. “He’s had a lot of loss in his life.”

As opposed to steelier Democrats—say HRC—who look like they could handle anything.
Oops this thread began as a joke and I convinced myself there was something to it. Take whichever half hits the spot for you; reject the other. My feelings won’t be hurt!
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