So basically, PM was shown minutes of an operations committee meeting on 2 May 2013, where the findings of the recently concluded Lakanal House inquest were discussed. Shows TMO were aware of a number issues, including questions about stay put and sprinklers:
Notes there was "no requirement to retrofit in high rise blocks", despite coroner saying it should be considered. Mr Maddison when asked says the TMO did consider this but seemed to have dismissed it quite early without getting to the stage of costings
What I obtained was a further document relating to this meeting which the inquiry has not yet discussed. That notes that the impacts of the Lakanal House inquest "if implemented" would have "significant impact on all landlords". It specifically references external fire spread.
But then the kicker: it says TMO has been in touch with govt ALREADY and officials said the recommendations "would not become mandatory". So TMO, it appears, stopped worrying about it. Here is the document:
So it's essentially evidence that TMO:

1. Knew about Lakanal findings, including external fire spread
2. Considered them at board level
3. Received a tip off from govt not to implement them

Possible that the inquiry will get to this at a later module, or even later today
Mr Maddison also confirmed he knew of a letter sent by the LFB warning of fire spread in high rises following a fire in Shepherd's Court, west London. That's another one I've obtained previously and it's here:
He said he believed he didn't have anything to worry about with Grenfell because he understood the cladding complied.
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