Have been invited to Baku. Have politely declined, but offer is still open. To be honest, at this moment in time, I don't see how any visit could contribute to ending the war, but am considering. Still reluctant, but it's at least a postive gesture. #Armenia #Azerbaijan #Karabakh
Am going to need a day to think this over. Pros and cons. Again, however, even if I don't go – and it might not even be possible as I wouldn't be able to get back into Georgia given the #COVID19 restrictions – the invitation is a positive one. #Armenia #Azerbaijan #Karabakh
Nice. Already an offer of drinks from an online friend in Azerbaijan I've known for years, but never met.
Moving closer to a decision. Now waiting to discuss this tomorrow. Some logistical issues the main obstacle.
Just finished a call with someone independent and relevant in Baku. Thoughts clearer in my mind now. A few hurdles, such as re-entering Georgia in a pandemic, but let's see.
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