It’s #FallFreedomDay2020!

Today, members of the @bailfundnetowrk are working together to pay nearly $3 million in ransom to get our people out of cages. This action builds upon years of organizing calls to #FreeThemAll and #AbolishICE.

Some context. On July 4th 2019, @MsKellyMHayes launched #FreedomDay & helped @bailfundnetwork raise $ to free dozens of ppl & reunite them w/ their families. The power of this coordinated action was profound as we manifested & celebrated the world we want to live in #FreeThemAll
Our 2019 #FallFreedomDay pushed us to confront the ways ICE tries to block freedom at every turn. W/ @RAICESTEXAS, we paid $2 million in ransom. We celebrated w/ those that were free but even the largest single bond out action couldn't #FreeThemAll. We need to #AbolishICE.
This year (starting today!), we are trying to pay even more bond.

With our partners @MNFreedomFund @RFKHumanRights @DetentionWatch, we’ve raised $3 million for #FallFreedomDay2020.
We pay bond as an act of radical defiance against a system intent on curtailing any path to freedom. Our fight is to #EndDetention & #AbolishICE - to truly #FreeThemAll
We know that paying bond is a small thing. The majority of people in immigration detention are never granted bond - ONLY 30% of people in immigration detention ultimately get the option of a bond & then it is often so high that payment is an impossibility.

We post bond to get our people out of cages, and will fight like hell for those who the system is intent on never letting out. The $3 million that local community-led immigration bond funds will pay this week is only one intervention we can make. #AbolishICE #FreeThemAll
Over the past four years, and with rapid escalation during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Trump Administration has made the destruction of immigrant communities a top political priority. Each day, his admin finds new ways to block pathways to freedom. #FallFreedomDay2020
When ICE comes into our neighborhoods they wear “police” jackets and frequently identify as such. We see no distinction between the two agencies, they both work (and often together) to tear communities apart. #FallFreedomDay2020
Policing, incarceration, and deportation are rooted in white supremacy and anti-Blackness. #FallFreedomDay2020 #AbolishICE
We have seen over & over again that Black immigrants are specifically targeted. Black immigrants make up ~7% of the non-citizen pop'l in the US, but they represent over 20% of immigrants facing deportation bc of the criminal punishment system. #FallFreedomDay2020 #AbolishICE
ICE announced going back to “biz as usual” with a resurgence of raids and arrests in an effort to cage more ppl, tearing them from their communities and loved ones.

Take action TODAY--join the action zap at 1PT/4EST!  #FallFreedomDay2020
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