#MJInnocent is false news.
The recent claims by Safechuck and Robson were towards the estate of MJ being involved in what MJ did to these men when they were children.
Such as organising ways to bring kids to MJ from across the world, letting them go to his bed.
Letting them go on tour with him, staying in his hotel room.

Much evidence and paperwork may be destoryed by now as were the alleged tapes.
There could be not enough staff at neverland questioned from that time period on what they knew and saw.
In 05 MJ was set free due to a jury who previously admitted they fancied him all their lives, on a tv interview.
Wade was also their main guy, who now claims he was actually molested by him.

Everyhing else in that court room was about how many boys MJ slept with.
There were many boys and some would skip school just to do this for even a whole year.
If stans ever claim to you that MJ was a glue, that boys just attached themselves to him, why did he then live in Jordan Chandlers little house and sleep in his bed?

That's not the kid begging to stay in MJ's bedroom full of porn and disney toys. That's MJ begging.
If Mj was innocent why did Jermaine claim that there was a plane waiting for MJ to hop on if he was said to be a guilty pedophile?
Escaping to bahrain is more than the motorway ride OJ did.
I'd also like to add that the whole Train station thing is straight forward.
Safechuck claimed MJ was going to get married at some point, he married LMP in 94. You see Safechuck, LMP andMJ together in 94/95.
Station built in 93/94.

Harrison photographed JC at Neverland in 93.
Harrison claimed "the trainstation pics were in 94 no sooner" after caught on a previous interview claiming there wrre no permits of the trainstation.

The permits were in 93.
Jordans photograph was in 93
James has a photo of the station himself.
The trainstation could have been photographed with no question in 94 as in January, it was shown on tv.

Harrison claims he took the picture of the train in June 94.
Permits were September 93.
Jordans pic was taken 3 weeks before the accusations.
Before the permits.
When building the station, the garden clock and stairs were already there and blooming.
By december 93 the blooming had stopped but in January 94 it was blooming an entirely different pattern according to the dates.

Mid 94 the clock design changed again to what it was in mid 93.
It wasn't a simple thing of just not liking the design. It's as if there was a previous station before with rubble either side.

Who builds a garden and blooms it before creating a building?

Even if they did this, It's not like James was an adult by 94. He took the photo.
It's not a simple patch of gardening, it's a bunch of electrics beneath it to power the clock garden to play music, tell the time and to have lights at night.
It's either a case of James got the dates wrong as teen years often get muddled up.
Or James got the years right and Harrison is not answering us properly.
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