If some kids on road ask you for money, don't give them the money, instead give them some food. Today I did the same.The reason behind this thread is not to show myself for a small help that I did,but to make you aware of the nexus for which these kids are used.
I was out today for some work,and while returning home i saw these two kids with one baby seating besides the road. I stopped there to get them some food.There was a sweet home nearby,so bought a pack of cup cake and toasts.
I bought this and gave it to them,I asked them their names. One was Gunjan and other one was Rupali. i asked, "them if they study".out of nowhere a women came, and gave me the food items given to these kids and asked me to give them money.
I said no, i won't give the money,"Agar lena hai,to ye pack lo".she was adamant.She even saw the prize tags on it and said ye 60 rupaye ka hai aur 55, utne paise do. The kids were getting anxious.
They were thinking,that I would take this food because of the quarrel that i was having with that women.After few mins,she went back to call a guy seating far from these kids with torn cloths and at that I time,i asked one of the girls about who this women was.
She answered,she is my mother and the man seating there has forced us to collect money only. Many offer us food,but we deny it, because if we don't collect the told amount he beats that women and also these kids.
I was in shock,i was not able to answer and i didn't knew how to react. But somehow gathered the courage and decided to confront the man. The man was in no mood to talk. He was like"Paisa do,ye khana nahi" I was raging with anger,but couldn't help but to control it.
The reason to tell this episode is,there are many "rakshas" out there,who use kids like these for their own interest. At the age when Gunjan and Rupali should be studying in school,they are begging on the road just because their mother doesn't get thrashed in evening.
Whilst coming back I gave them masks,the food package that I took and returned home. But i didn't give them the money. If we don't break this nexus,many Gunjans and Rupalis will be used by people like these for their own benifits.
I've decided to back there in few days
With my friends from @Jhunj_Org ! To see if we can help these kids to get proper education. Don't how succesful we will be,but there's no harm in trying.

जय श्री राम 🙏
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