THREAD: When wondering why Trump wants to allow COVID19 to spread in we must consider how it helps him control the media.
His cult is convinced it's not that bad. It's not hurting him w them.
It is preempting a lot of stories that would lead under other circumstances. /1
Some stories either not reported on or quickly passed over are:
•Trump's Chinese Bank Account
•Former GOP fundraiser Briody pleading guilty for foreign lobbying to stop 1MDB investigation from Trump.
•Trump being endorsed by the Taliban.
•Trump owes nearly $1B in loan debt /2
•Trump admin can't find 545 parents of children separated from them
•Trump is paying Millions in taxpayer subsidies to farmers because of his tariff war w China. Many are still going bankrupt.
•Trump is considering cutting COVID19 funding.
•Trump's current DNI is helping him destroy the USIC from the inside-out.
•The infamous Steele Dossier has yet one more piece if raw HUMINT verified w Trump's China Bank Account reveal.
This is just the past 3 days.

This is by no means
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