Last night, peaceful protests in Nigeria turned bloody as several people were reportedly killed as Armed Officers shot into the crowd in Lekki?
So what is happening at the moment across Africa's most populous country? #LekkiMassacre

The governor of Lagos, the country's biggest city, imposed a 24-hour curfew in a bid to quell mounting unrest. He said 30 people were hurt in the shooting in the Lekki district on Tuesday evening.
However, Amnesty International has said there is ‘credible but disturbing evidence’ that some of the protesters were killed by the gunfire. Video shown on Nigeria’s Channels Television appeared to capture audio of live rounds being fired at the scene.
The reports of fatal shootings in Lekki come after two chaotic weeks of mounting protests leading to more widespread social unrest. On Tuesday, authorities said nearly 2,000 inmates had broken out of jail after crowds attacked two correctional facilities a day earlier.
Thousands have demonstrated every day for nearly two weeks against a police unit, the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), that rights groups have for years accused of extortion, harassment, torture and murders.
The SARS unit was disbanded on October 11 but the protests have persisted with demonstrators calling for law enforcement reforms, demanding an end to abuses and respect for human rights in all parts of the police force.
The protests have stopped traffic in Lagos, the capital Abuja and many other large cities in Nigeria, a country of 196 million people.
Information is precious in situations like these. Reporters @briticoyemo and @fkabudu are both on the ground in Nigeria and reporting first hand in-depth stories about this developing situation
If you want to help but are not sure where to start, check out this thread ⬇
A team of volunteers are tweeting resources and information at @EndSarsResponse
Feminist Coalition are a group of Nigerian Feminists fighting SARS through peaceful protests, fundraising and social media organisation and information, you can donate and find out more here: 
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