A woman knows what is 'coming down the pike', what is attempting reincarnation & using HER body to do it.
#abortionrights #abortionishealthcare
Abortion is 'healthcare' for the ENTIRE community!

There are TOO many who R having babies, bent upon 'grooming' them 4 evil. #Church https://twitter.com/JFK_Today/status/1318846319524499456
"BE ye, therefore, SEPARATE!"

And, never let 'them' guilt-trip recruit U. Be aware, LISTEN & watch!
LISTEN within Urself; there is ONLY 1 Holy Spirit. He doesn't DO Xmas & His name is not Sweet, Happy Jesus!
#Christians have a right 2 their 'faith' & we've THE right 2 SHUN them!
["ding-dong, ding-dong, ding-dong"]

"Hi! I'm from such & such church, and.."

Because they WILL be ashamed of what they WILL know their children shall become, those who "were delivered out of Egypt" were told THIS:
FORTY YEARS in the wilderness, and they complained over EVERY morsel which crossed their LIPS!


The OUTCAST angels were NEVER supposed to procreate!

To them:
"Eat YE all of it!"
Heaven's Waiter GUFFAWS:

"No! I'm sorry; THAT angel ain't 'passing over' THIS year!"

SECOND BOTTOM LINE: #abortionlaw

Q: What causes abortion?
A: Boys with BAD AIM!

Ladies, ever heard of anal? It lives NEXT door!
It's QUITE relaxing; drink PLENTY of water, and FLUSH the toilet every day!

Older nations than America have been doing it for millennia!
END of thread!

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