If i had a dollar for everytime yall interacted and gave clout to these joined 2020 less that 50 followers accounts for their shit threads I'd have enough money to attend concerts of all the groups I stan
I understand when these thread are made by people with bigger following then you might want to jump in and defend your faves but when its these 0 interactions accounts??? LITERALLY the only thing you're doing is adding fuel to a small spark and making a house fire out of it
This is ofc not for the times we get into arguments because of false accusations regarding serious issues like racism, sexism, ca etc. But like just STOP interacting with these clout chasers AND LITERAL AKGAES
This also goes for these shitty kpop confession threads that are just an outlet for problematic people to freely voice their problematic opinions, admit to being xenphobes racists misogynists or straight up antis/bullies.
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