Thread: There's an interesting theological framework for understanding what we are dealing with today.

It starts, naturally, with scripture. I'll leave the scripture quotes out, trusting that most folks will know what I'm talking about.
2) God the Father is the creator. Why "Father"? God is the initiator, the creator, the source, the masculine principle. The universe was created as the object to God, embodiment of the feminine principle.

Thus God created both Adam & Eve together, masculine & feminine.
3) Adam and his to-be bride Eve were created as God's children. Adam was to grow to maturity, and inherit God's sovereignty. God, sovereign creator, wanted his body, his representative in the universe. That was Adam's destiny.
4) Adam & Eve were created in immaturity: they had to grow thru their own responsibility to maturity, so God gave them the Word to guide them: Do not eat the fruit.

God also gave them the angelic world, with the 3 archangels at the top, to serve, educate and raise them.
5) Thus, immature Adam was the crown prince of the universe, destined to be King, & his bride, Eve, to be Queen. Thru them God would rule the universe in spirit & in flesh.

Lucifer was an angel, a servant. He was also in the position of teacher, being older & very knowledgeable.
6) Does it surprise you then, that Lucifer targeted the immature Eve? Eve was still under age. She was immature. Lucifer seduced her, using lies mixed with truth.

He seduced her, & thru her, Adam. Lucifer was the first pedophile. Doesn't that make sense, knowing what we know?
7) This is why the evil elite cabal uses this reality, lives this, embodies this reality. This is the very origin of evil itself. Lucifer tempting & destroying immature Eve, then Adam, in order to gain control over them, thru sin.

This is the source of human misery.
8) Result? The servant (angel) rose up & stole the position of the true king to be (Adam).

Sound familiar?

The servant usurping the rightful authority
of God's heirs, God's children. This was the fall of man, the fall of the human race. The historical pattern.
9) Thus, in history, tyrants & false kings have always ruled over human beings with false authority. Lucifer's authority.

Today, government is in the exact position of the angel, of the servant, while We, the People, are God's children, God's heirs.
10) When the government supersedes its commission & takes up the role of ruler of the People, this is a repetition of the human fall on the national stage.

The Angel falsely obtaining control & rule over God's children = the Govt obtaining control & rule over We, the People.
11) This is what is at stake today. This is why Evil's chosen instrument is govt. authority ruling as tyrants over citizens, instead of keeping its place & serving them.

Ultimately, Christ (True Adam) is King, & the People are the rightful heirs of Christ. Govt = the Servant
12) Just as the Angel Lucifer seduced Eve (& Adam), likewise, Govt seduces the people with promises of security, peace, comfort, safety, but like the words of the Angel, these are lies. Seductive lies.
13) The struggle around the world is a battle between Evil, which would rule over us thru their Global "New World Order" (the Lie), vs. Good, the natural inheritance of all human beings, God's children.

But Adam & Eve were immature. Today, we are learning NOT to be immature.
14) Ultimately, it is up to us to prevent the Angel (servant/government/hierarchy/bureaucracy) from gaining control over us via seduction and lies.

Only the People, empowered by God's love, truth & purpose, can subdue this evil on the earth & keep it in check.
15) This is the inheritance Christ imparts to us. "As you bind on earth, so it will be bound in heaven."

This is why educating & training our people to see THRU THE LIES is the MOST critical work a patriot, or a saint, can do.

This is what Evil is MOST afraid of.
16) The Red Pill is a metaphor for the Truth that allows us to see thru the Lie. To see things as they really are. To see our world-be rulers as they truly are: corrupted slaves to Evil.

"Know the truth & the Truth will set you free".

Be free. Help others to see thru the Lie.
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