Okay this may sound weird but i really need some insights here #indiedev #marketing. We're experiencing some weird fake mails being sent to youtubers in our name. #Retweets highly appreciated. @tha_rami maybe you could give this some exposure? a #thread 1/4
Back before the election in 2016 we saw an weird rise of russian (they partly looked fake) facebook accounts following our games pages. We didn't suspect anything back then but years later it became public knowledge ... 2/4
... that there were social media bots from russia trying to meddle with the US election. NOW some weeks before the #Election2020 there are FAKE marketing mails being sent to #youtube #influencers in our name, also with traces to russia. Is anybody else experiencing this? 3/4
I'm not saying there IS a connection, I'm wondering IF there is and also who else is experiencing these fake marketing requests to youtubers in their name. Also maybe we can combine our efforts to fight this scam. Let me know if you're studio is affected in the replies!
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