"We support trans rights, in ways we will never specify. However we spend every moment of our work, as we have done since we got organised, relentlessly spreading negativity about the nature of trans people and the systems which allow them to exist"

- Ancient cis proverb
"Our deepest sympathies are with the trans community, a gathering of unfortunate lost souls afflicted with false consciousness, deranged from biological reality. We wish for them only that the society they live in is kind enough to refuse their delusions. Tough love"

"Of course it's anyone's right to not conform to gender norms. We support that more than anyone. But these trannies keep modifying their God Given Sex Traits in ways we can't understand, making a mess of how we understand gender. This must stop!"

- Ancient Cis Proverb
"We support real transsexuals. We really do, and they've been hard done by by the trans rights movement they pioneered. You know, the old school transsexuals who would smile uncomfortably and bow their head in shame when you address them by their government sex?"

"Look, it's not transness we have a problem with, they can go around in frilly dresses and prance around like fairies, they can stuff their shorts with socks and act like an extra from Grease and noone has a problem with that.

The problem is they're coming for your children"
"We think what adults do with their own bodies is their own business. Who could possibly disagree with that? It's just there's no way that a 23 year old is mature enough to decide to chop their body up because they got confused with sexist stereotypes"

"Honestly, being trans is fine. I just don't think they should be around children, or women, or in roles where they might interact with vulnerable people who might be confused into validating their fetish. Nor should they be given roles with safeguarding obligations."

"I understand that they're allowing them to breed these days. It's terribly sad that some individuals develop gender confusion or catch it from Tumblr and Reddit, but even worse I saw a picture of a baby trying to latch on one. I do hope social services start returning my calls"
Perfect https://twitter.com/girlinthehole/status/1318814656736231424?s=19
For posterity
"We think trans people have every right to live in peace and seek happiness the same as everyone else. We just wish you would stop talking about those who commit suicide among conditions of health shortages, housing discrimination and abuse driving a mental health epidemic"
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